Warranty registration

B-Cure Warranty


Terms of warranty

1. It is our responsibility to repair the above - mentioned product that was purchased from one of our certified dealers.
The warranty covers the repair of the product and replacement parts, and is valid for 12 months. According to this certificate, our warranty will cover the repair of all of the product’s components, which according to our discretion will have been found defective, and for which the defect was found to have been caused during proper operation of the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

2. For the purpose of this warranty certificate, the word “part” will not include plastic parts, charger, batteries or rubber parts, and will not cover damage to the paint coating. This certificate of warranty is valid solely for the customer which purchased the product directly from our company, or from our authorized dealer, and whose name and address appear on this certificate.
The certificate cannot be transferred or redeemed in any manner to any third party without out approval in writing in advance.

3. Warranty inspections will be carried out solely at MEDNETZ ASIA PTE. LTD.

4. The customer will send the broken device to the company in accordance with the company’s instructions, complete with the original purchasing invoice, and email proof of successful warranty registration.

5. As described above, the warranty coverage according to this certificate will not cover the product in the following cases:

  •  Any malfunction caused by operating the device in a manner that is inconsistent with the operation instructions and the user’s guide.
  •  Any malfunction that is the result of electricity outages, fire, water or any malfunction cause by a Force Majeure (including earthquake, floods, lightning strikes, or acts of war).
  •  A fall, breakage of any kind, or damage caused to the product by negligence, neglect by the user (including acts of malice), accidents, and pollution by dust and/or water, insertion of a foreign body, penetration of fluids and/or signs of moisture and/or corrosion of any kind.
  • Handling, changing, repairing, or attempting to repair the products by any person unauthorized by the MEDNETZ ASIA PTE. LTD. or in cases where the details of the product or its serial number have been changed, erased or removed.
  • Exposure of the device to sun, and/or heat and/or liquid of any kind.
  • Both, direct and indirect damage caused to the product by an unreasonable use of the product.
  • Direct and indirect damage caused to the product by replacement of parts carried out by anyone other than the MEDNETZ ASIA PTE. LTD. or attempting to connect the device to equipment that was not authorized by the company.
  • Damage or defects caused by incorrect use or an incorrect combination between the product and another product, or resulting from the use of incorrect connecting cables.

6. This warranty will be activated under the condition that the device will be sent to the MEDNETZ ASIA PTE. LTD for inspection, within the period of the warranty, and with a copy of the invoice and email proof of successful warranty registration. The above documentation must be provided every time service is required. For the avoidance of all doubt, during the period of the warranty, no repair services whatsoever will be supplied without the original invoice and email proof.

7. The company will decide, at its own discretion, if it should repair the device or replace it with a refurbished device.

8. For the avoidance of all doubt, we do not take any responsibility upon ourselves apart from the repair of the device which will be done by the product owers, and will not cover any other direct or indirect damage of any kind.

9. The governance and jurisdiction of any dispute related to, or resulting from this warranty certificate, belongs solely to the Court in Singapore.

Warranty Registration Information