Treatment areas

Treatment Dosages

Treating acute pain

When treating pain resulting from a fresh injury or burn, we recommend that you treat the injured area as close as possible to the moment of injury. Treat the injured area for 6 minutes, 10 times consecutively, with 5 minute breaks between treatments. When treating acute pain, you may start with 6-8 minute sessions, from the first treatment. It is important to position the laser treatment directly on the skin, not through clothes or bandages. When treating an open wound, the laser should be held as close to the wound as possible, without directly touching it. Even if you feel immediate improvement or relief, we recommend continuing treatment until your injury has completely healed.

Treating chronic pain

In any condition that has been present for over a month, the pain is considered chronic with a high probability of inflammation. In these cases, it is recommended to restrict treatment of the area initially to 1.5 minutes. Then, increase the time by 30 seconds per treatment, per day, until the recommended treatment time has been reached. Please check the Instructions For Use booklet for the recommended dosages table. 2-4 treatments should consistently be carried out each day. If an increase in pain level is experienced following treatment, it is a sign that the body is responding to the treatment, and the desirable process of bio - stimulation of the cells is occurring. In this case, stop treatment for 24 hours; then restart it with a decreased dosage time. If no further pain increase is felt, gradually increase the treatment dosage until the recommended dosage is reached.