Technical specs

B-Cure Laser’s technical specifications

In order to estimate or evaluate the quality and efficacy of any Soft Laser device, the technical information of the device is of crucial importance: The coherence of the laser beam, the area of the beam for treatment, the time required for treating each square centimeter and the overall treatment time, laser power and intensity at peak. In addition – efficiency of treatment is dependent on the energy density and the maximum energy output. Furthermore, when the average power of two devices is identical, the device which operates with pulses will be more effective than a constant intensity - due to there being a higher penetration of the laser beam by means of pulses.

· The Treatment Area - the largest area, surface coverage of 4.5 square centimeters, with a fully coherent beam. Effective treatment is shorter and more efficient for each treatment
· High Peak Power - 250mW (quarter watt) micro-pulses ensure maximum efficiency capacity for penetration
· High Average Power - from 3.75 to 5 joules per minute across the entire surface
· Micro Pulses - unlike fixed-intensity waves, pulses increase the beam intensity and penetration capacity thus increasing treatment effectiveness
· Wavelength – 808 Mn wavelength range has the highest penetration
· Coherence – over a large area of 4.5 square centimeters
· Weight - 175 grams, (just over 6 ounces) lightweight, portable and rechargeable. Ready for use at anytime, anywhere.
· Safety - Laser Type 1, exempt from use of eye protection. Do not direct the laser towards the eyes.