Sports Injury

Analytical report: a pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of B-Cure Laser for athletes
A study conducted at the (FMBA) Russian Federal Medical and Biological Institute of Sports Medicine examined the efficacy of B-Cure Laser SPORT in treating professional athletes’ knee injuries and osteoarthritis - resulting from strain and erosion. The study found that the B-Cure Laser SPORT was highly effective in almost complete elimination of symptoms of knee pain in the athletes who participated in the study.
Effect of 830 nm low-level laser therapy applied before highintensity exercises on skeletal muscle recovery in athletes
This study examined the levels of CK (Creatine Kinase) in the blood after supervised high intensity training (at the Wingate Institute). The study found that Soft Laser treatment before the Wingate testing, accelerated elimination of lactic acid without affecting the athletes’ performance, and also found that the Soft Laser has a positive effect on recovery after training.
Effects of low-level laser therapy and eccentric exercises in the treatment of recreational athletes with chronic achilles tendinopathy
This study examined the influence of integrating Soft Laser therapy with eccentric resistance exercise in the treatment of Achilles tendon. The study found that the Soft Laser accelerated healing of the inflamed tendon, since the patients who were given Soft Laser treatment gained relief after four weeks, while the control group, which was only treated with eccentric exercising, achieved the same results only after twelve weeks.
Wound healing of animal and human body sport and traffic accident injuries using low-level laser therapy treatment: a randomized clinical study of seventy-four patients with control group.
The study examines the effect of Soft Laser on the healing of wounds after accidents and injuries. The research examined 74 patients who were divided into two groups. The first group was given treated with active Soft Laser treatment and the second was given a placebo. The results show an improvement of 25-30% accelerated recovery from wounds in the group treated with the Soft Laser. In addition, the level of pain in this group was significantly lower than that of the control group.