To : Erica Camel Ltd.

Three years ago I purchased my first B-cure Laser device to treat pain in my joints and just recently I purchased a new one.

During the years that I and my family members used to device for different problems we have always been very satisfied.

The device helped skin problems, even those related to allergies and infections. If there is some irritation on the skin , a few times using the device few or minutes would clear the problem away.

I usually use the B-cure Laser device for paints in the joints. lower back , hips and knees. The results are good and fast. If I focus exactly on the right stop , almost immediate relief is attained and the pain in the joint passes after about four hours from the first use , and afterwards I use it twice a day for two or three days more.

Each time someone in my family has any kind of problem. whether diagnosed or not , we all use the device for a few minutes and it helps almost immediately.

I wish you great success and recommend the device to patients.

My wife works in patient care and her patients have all bought the device through their own will and are very all satisfied.

Dr. Efraim Norkin , M.D
90 Ha'atzmaut , Uprider , Neighbourhood
Askelon 78441

050 - 5287963