Case Studies

B-Cure Laser treatment for rotator-cuff tear
Dr. Ami Eyal: A 65 year old patient diagnosed with a full tear of the right Supraspinatus tendon and a smaller central tear of the left Supraspinatus tendon. He reported pain particularly in the frontal section of his shoulders. He was given chiropractic adjustment once a week in the area of his neck, upper back, shoulder blades and his shoulders.
B-Cure Laser treatment for rehabilitation after severe knee injury
Dr. Luba Galitzkaya: An Olympic gymnast aged 17 hurt her knee coming off the beam. She was diagnosed with a tear to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, and she underwent surgery to restore the ligament. She then went through the process of rehabilitation at Wingate Institute in the department of sports injuries, based the latest protocol for restoring complete range of movement, stability and muscle control, advancing to functionality according to the recovery schedule.
Treatment for acute hand contusion
 Dr. Jacob Hans: Treatment of a 6 year old boy (physicians' son) with a deep wound in his hand.
B-Cure Laser treatment for Tennis elbow
On December 11, 2014, a woman of 35 arrived at my clinic complaining of suffering pain in her left wrist for a number of days. The Patient denies a history of trauma to her hand, although she advised she was the mother of three children, the youngest of which was 10 months old who she carried a lot.
B-Cure Laser treatment for back pain
Dr. Yossi Reuven: CASE STUDY with B-Cure Laser Sport Pro.  The Patient: Combatant soldier aged 19Combatant soldier aged 19 suffering from Erector Spinae inflammation, as a result of long term carrying of heavy weights.