How it Works

How it works

How does the Soft Laser affect the body?

Soft Laser treatment arouses and stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms by stimulating cellular activity, reinforcing intercellular communication and stimulating the blood flow. The result: reducing pain and inflammation while stimulating the natural healing mechanism of the body and assisting in solving the source of the problem.

How does B-Cure Laser reduce pain?
B-Cure Laser encourages the release of endorphins, which are the natural hormones produced by the brain which relieve pain. The endorphins reduce the intensity of the pain felt by the patient. Without pain, the patient can return to a routine and increase functionality until reaching full capacity.

How does B-Cure Laser solve the source of the problem?
B-Cure Laser reduces production of inflammatory mediators and symptoms of inflammation – redness, swelling and pain, gradually disappear. A process of accelerated healing of the affected area proceeds using the natural self healing properties of the body.

How does B-Cure Laser arouse the affected area to heal itself?
In many cases unremitting pain is a result of pressure on the nerve fibers. This pressure causes swelling, edema and inflammation around the affected area. B-Cure Laser enlarges the blood and lymphatic vessels which facilitates the filtering and cleansing of the inflamed area and the edema, thus releasing the pressure on the nerve. Reduction of the pressure leads to reducing the level of pain while allowing the blood and lymphatic vessels to pump the energy needed to heal the affected area.