What is the B-Cure Laser?

The B-Cure Laser is a very light, hand-held device for the treatment of everyday aches, pain from sports and exercise injuries or ongoing pain. Using Low Level Laser Therapy, the B-Cure Laser is completely portable and rechargeable and has been designed especially for you to treat your pain at home, work or wherever you need it.

What is “Low Level Laser Therapy”?

Also known as “soft” or “cold”laser, this therapy has been around for more than 40 years. Click here for a more in-depth understanding of this technology.

Can I use B-Cure Laser as part of my recommended pain-management plan?

If you are suffering from a persistent injury or ongoing pain, it is important consult a qualified healthcare professional to understand what treatment options are suitable for you. B-Cure Laser can be used to apply treatments multiple times per day as part of your recommended pain management plan.

Is the B-Cure Laser the same as a TENS machine?

No. TENS therapy introduces small doses of electrical current into your body. B-Cure Laser uses LLLT, which is a gentle treatment that does NOT bring any foreign substances into the body. LLLT uses concentrated beams of light that are absorbed into the body

If I use the B-Cure Laser, can I stop taking my pain medication

That is a great question but really one that must be answered by your doctor. Low Level Laser is designed to interact with our bodies in very different ways to medication so there is no simple answer that we could offer on this website. It’s important to consult your doctor before starting or discontinuing any treatment, whether it involves medicine or not.