Dr. Marina Yodashkin

Dr. Marina Yodashkin

Bnai Zion Medical Center
Haifa Municipality - Ministry of Health
Faculty of Medicine Technion Haifa
47 Golomb St. Haifa, 31048
Tel: 04-8359359
Fax: 04-8371393


To: Erica Carmel Company

My name is Dr. Marina Yodashkin, director of pain clinic and anesthesiologist in Bnai Zion Medical Center.
I treat my patients with B-Cure Laser device for two years now.
I treat a wide range of patients.
I am pleased with results, especially when it comes to tendon pain.
On the recommendation of the clinic, a 70 years old patient who suffered Achilles tendon pain, used the device for 6 minutes, applying it around the joint.
After two days he reported on relief of 40%.
Three weeks later, the relief was of 70%.
A50 years old surgical nurse with plantar fasciitis, who suffered from severe pain in her foot, used the device for 6 minutes, 8 times a day.
After 4 days of intensive care, she purchased the device and continued using it for another week.
Her pain has almost completely disappeared.
She is currently able to put weight on her foot with no pain.
I will continue, off course, to recommend the device.

Sincerely yours,
Marina Yodashkin

Physician license number: 26899
Specialist license number: 25154