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  Claudio Markier




To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Claudio Markier and I am a chiropractor specializing in back and neck pains, sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. In addition to the work in my clinic in London, I am the chiropractor for England's National Rugby Team.
I work with Middlesex Athletic Team, Finchley Rugby Football Club, Borehamwood Rugby Football Club, Union Rugby and Maccabi GB. I work at various sports medical teams in international sporting events as well such as the Maccabiah Games, London Olympic Games, Hockey World Cup and the World Championships in

About six months ago, I purchased the B-Cure Laser, and since then I use it on a regular basis when treating acute and chronic injuries in order to expedite the healing process of injured athletes and to treat orthopedic problems and sports injuries, such as tendonitis, tendon or muscle tear, sprains and fractures.

One excellent example is the 2013 Maccabiah Games, where I served as the chiropractor of the British Rugby Team. Our rugby team comprised 21 players and the intensity of the games bound to cause many injuries. Rugby is a very technical and complex sport in terms of coordination and it is highly important that the players will get back into shape as soon as possible after the injury.

Here are some examples for cases in which I used B-Cure Laser at the 2013 Maccabiah games: one of our players had sprained an ankle and lost consciousness for ten seconds as a result of cerebral concussion. He also suffered from short term memory loss and therefore could not remember the next day how he left the field.
I started treating him with B-Cure Laser the next day, four times a day, in addition to massages and ointments. Few days later, he was ready to play. I believe that the B-cure Laser treatment significantly shortened the treatment time and allowed the player to return back to the field faster than it would have been possible using conventional therapy only.

Another player twisted his leg and suffered from a swollen ankle. He started treating himself, using B-Cure Laser. That same evening, he was already able to put weight on the injured leg and even to go out for a short run. The next day he joined the team’s training set.
Now our players use B-cure Laser even during bus rides, before and after the games. I instruct them to place it on the wounded area for eight minutes. The fact it’s a small and easily portable device is a significant advantage since during games I don’t always have the time as I do in my clinic in London.

This week, following players demand, I purchase another B-Cure Laser device. I intend to keep on using it in each and every game.

Sincerely yours,
Claudio Markier,
Bed Bsc DC ICSSD Msc FCC – Sports
City of London, Chiro-Practice