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Name: Helen
Age : 50


I have Osteoarthritis in my knees. Instead of conventional medication which doctor prescribe me, I was introduced B-Cure. I was initially sceptical on this device, to my surprise after using twice a day for 4 weeks, pain have drastically reduced. I could now walk more comfortably. I will continue to use this product and would recommend anyone who wants an alternative to pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medicine.

Thank you B-Cure.

Name: June
Age: 68


I’ve had a foot spur for years no some time and from time to time it will rub against a nerve on the foot causing me a lot of discomfort when I walk. I have tried acupuncture and physiotherapy with mixed results. My doctor told me the only way to get rid of the foot spur was to have surgery which I wasn’t keen on.

The pain started to come back shortly before my Europe holiday in 2016 and I was anxious to get it “fixed.” I also started to walk a bit strangely and putting pressure on the outer sides of my foot so I don’t put pressure on the foot spur.

My son recommended me B-cure and sent me the instructional videos and photos. Upon receiving the unit, I faithfully followed the instructions and did the treatment at least 4 times a day, building up the duration of the treatment as recommended (from 1 minute to 6 minutes per area). It can be a chore to do it but it was worth it. By week 2, I could feel some improvements as there was less pain when I walked. Today, I don’t have any more pain and still use B-cure at least once a day.

Name: Ian
Age: 62


I have injured my lower back while trying to carry my grandson. My friend asked me to try using B-Cure and claim it will help relieve pain. I was told to place device at 3 points on my lower back for 6-8 minutes on each point.

Initially, I find it a chore doing this self-treatment. However, as the pain increase the next day, I decided to try device and to my surprise after doing it twice a day for 3 days, the pain is gone.

I will be asking my friend to help purchase 1 unit. As I am experiencing mild arthritis in my fingers, I will be having this device by side and use it when pain happens.

Name: Oscar
Age: 49
Gender: Male

Testimonial for B-Cure laser usefulness

As a sports enthusiast, I experience occasional injuries such as strains to elbows, knees and ankles. My most recent injuries were in Jan 2017, and I suffered from a left tennis elbow from weights training and left knee strain from jogging mid-long distances.

A friend alerted me to the availability of B-cure soft laser treatment, and he managed to loan me a sample unit to try out. I was sceptical to the treatment, and did a fair amount of reading up on this mode of treatment for sports injury compared to the normal management of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation), medication and physiotherapy. As the available literature indicated minimal or insignificant side effects, I decided to give this a try.

I am pleased to provide my feedback as follows:

1. Left Tennis Elbow

I used the B-Cure device twice a day for 3 weeks, each treatment session lasting about 12-15 minutes. The pain initially became worse after 3-4 days, which some users may experience as explained in the user manual. I stopped the treatment for 2 days and restarted the same regime of 12-15 minutes twice daily. This interval treatment started to show the effect from day 10 onwards.

The pain reduced moderately and the use of my left elbow improved. There was about 70-80%improvement of the elbow pain by the end of week 3.

2. Left knee strain

I had left knee injury since college days, which I had overstrained repeatedly from training. This current injury started when I began increasing my training distance in preparation for 10km racesin 2017. As this was an old injury, I was even more sceptical of the effectiveness of soft laser treatment. Nonetheless, since I was using the B-Cure device for my left elbow, I conveniently used this on my left knee.

The injury was a strain, with pain on the inner side of my left knee. In the past, such a strain would have required a resting period of about 1 week with RICE treatment and application of anti-inflammation gel. I used the device twice daily, up to 20 minutes each time. The effect was quite amazing for this injury, the pain subsided after about 3-4 days, and I tried running shorter distance of about 2-3km from day 5, progressively increasing back to 5-7km of running per day. I continued the use for the device for another 2 weeks while training, and the pain did not recur.


I am pleased that the B-Cure soft laser device seems to have positive effect for treating my sports injuries. More importantly, there is the minimal use of anti-inflammation medication (I only had to take medication twice initially when the pain worsened at the beginning of treatment for left tennis elbow). Unfortunately I have to return the device by the end of 3 weeks as it was a trial set.

I have placed an advance order for the device, while waiting for the approval of sales in Singapore. Will definitely introduce this device to my sporting enthusiast friends, and I hope the device can benefit the wider sporting amateur enthusiastsin Singapore.

Name: Emmanuel Mok
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Date: Jan 2016

Testimonial for B-Cure laser usefulness

I am in the teaching profession and recently suffered from a frozen right shoulder due to strain and overuse in November 2016. I was introduced to the B-cure soft laser treatment by a friend, and he loaned me a trial unit to try out.

(a) Right frozen Shoulder

Over a period of 6 weeks, I used the B-Cure device twice a day, each treatment session lasting about 15 minutes. Initially the pain did not seem to improve for the first few days, but the effect of the treatment became obvious from day 7 onwards. The pain reduced significantly from about 7/10 to 3/10, and the range of movement of my shoulder also improved by the end of 2 weeks. There was almost complete resolution of my condition by about week 4, and I could restart basic exercises. By week 6, my right shoulder was back to normal, and the pain has not recurred since. During these 6 weeks of treatment, no oral medication was used. There was no side-effect

(b) Left heel Plantar Fasciitis

Unrelated to the shoulder injury, I also tried the B-Cure soft laser on my left heel, which was suffering from plantar fasciitis. I was diagnosed to have this condition by my family physician for several years, and had tried various treatments including oral anti-inflammation medication, physiotherapy and using special insoles. However the condition continued to bother me.

I tried using the B-Cure soft laser on my left heel, as one of the indicated clinical use is for this condition. Similar to my shoulder, the initial effect was not obvious but the effect was progressive. By week 8, the heel pain has reduced drastically, and now I have only occasional ache in my left heel, which is a vast improvement compared to the previous treatments I received.

I hope the device can be made widely available in Singapore to help individuals like me, and I will be getting my own unit once it comes onto the market.

Name : Richard Koh
Age : 52
Gender : Male
Date : Jan 2017

Testimonial for B-Cure laser usefulness

I am a sport enthusiast enjoy many sports such as soccer, tennis, badminton and jogging. In early 2015, my knee became very painful while playing tennis, especially when I squat.

I consulted GP and he said this is due to wear and tear of knee joint, and is age and activity related. I took pain killer whenever feeling pain. I also applied cream on knee cap but all these only relieve the pain for a short period of time.

One of my friends introduced B-Cure Laser to me which he claimed help in his tennis elbow problem.

I started to use the device with 1min dosage, 2 treatments a day in the beginning as I worry the side effect of laser but I don’t feel any effect after few days.

I increased to 3mins dosage and 3 treatments a day. After using for 2 weeks I feel my condition improved a lot when climbing up stair case to my office in 4th floor.

I gradually increase to 10mins dosage and 4 treatments a day. After using it for about 2 months, I started some light work up and static cycling at home, although I still feel slight pain on my knee ( pain level 2/10 ) but I think my condition had improved 80%

This device is so handy that I can bring to office for 3 treatments during break and lunch time. I complete my last treatment of the day at home while watching TV.  I share the device with my colleagues who have stiff neck after prolong typing and they feel relieve after using it.

I had returned the device to my friend but I will certainly get one unit for myself and family if it is available in Singapore.