The advantages of B-Cure Laser treatment

Proven Clinical Efficiency
During the past decade, over 2000 studies have been published about Soft Laser Treatment (LLLT) for pain relief, and about 100 Double Blind Studies through which the clinical value of laser therapy has been proved. Studies conducted during the past year prove the efficacy of B-Cure Laser in treating TMJ disorder, pain in the jaw joint, as well as treating the bacteria causing Periodontitis (inflammation of the gums).

Safe and Easy for domestic use
B-Cure Laser was designed for use in the home. It weighs only 175 grams (just over 6 ounces), it is comfortable to hold and easy to work. In addition, the device is completely safe to use; it is classified as Laser Class 1- and it does not require wearing protective glasses or any other protection. The only warning is never to direct it towards the eyes.

No known side effects
In all of the studies conducted on laser technology so far, no side effects have been reported.

Natural non-invasive treatment
The laser beam is a compressed beam that allows deep penetration into the tissue. While penetrating deep into the tissue, the beam stimulates the natural healing mechanism of the body. The beam has a warming, not a cooling effect and it cannot damage tissue.

Suited to all ages and for the entire family
B-Cure Laser is suitable for use by children and adults and does not constitute any danger other than the warning never to direct it towards the eyes. The device is designed to be used for indications found in various ages – starting with bruising and acute injuries that are characteristic in children and the young, and including chronic issues and diseases of degeneration in the elderly.

Israeli development and patent
B-Cure Laser is the result of development by Israeli scientists, and is comprised of a Patent currently in the process of being registered in various countries.